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German Kindergarten Bellville


We bid you a warm Welcome!

We are the German Kindergarten Bellville, the only German Kindergarten with Grade R in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. 

The aim of our Kindergarten is to develop and promote the mental and physical abilities of each child in order to reach its full potential. We teach Christian values, as well as social competencies such as politeness, sharing and resolving conflicts amicably.

Physical and cognitve development is achieved by playful physical exercise, music and dance, as well as a themed program.

Creating art work and drawing allows the children to discover their creativity and in the process, their ability to concentrate. 

Our teachers also encourage the children's fantasy through the reading of stories and by letting the children tell stories themselves.
It is especially significant in the pre-primary years to allow children, under supervision, to discover and experience their environment and surroundings as much as possible. This they can do in the classrooms as well as on our beautiful playground, under large shady trees.

It is not always easy to choose the right school for your child, which is why we encourage you to come and have a look at our Kindergarten, speak with the teachers and ask any questions that you might have.   


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